Being Yourself on Social Media – Why is it so Hard?

Do you worry that you aren’t posting content that looks like that of other businesses? Feeling like you must fit what is ‘on trend’ or seems to be doing well on social media?

Put the blinkers on and focus on who you are and what you are doing instead of what everyone else is doing. Get back to your individuality and what makes your business unique. You are the reason your clients choose you. What you stand for is important.

Why is it important to be yourself on social media?

Being real and being yourself will attract the right audience for your business, and not anyone else’s. Using YOUR tone of voice will resonate with the right people.

Trying to be someone else or emulate what another business is doing is not only much harder work, but it won’t align with your values and therefore your ideal client’s. In short, you’ll attract the wrong people! You won’t make meaningful connections by changing who you are for your business social media.

How can you be true to yourself on social media?

How do you speak to your past and existing clients and customers? Like the real you, right? Do this on your social media. If you have return customers, then you already know that they like who you are and how you communicate. Attract more of the same by putting the real you out there!

Something that keeps coming up in conversations I have in social media groups I’m in and trainings I run is the fear of not being able to create social media posts like other people, ‘in a style that seems to be popular’ or ‘with words that aren’t really me’.

I get it. That feeling of not fitting in because you are different to those people whose posts you are seeing everywhere now. But, let me ask you a question… Can you remember the names of those businesses or people who are putting out that content that all sounds or looks the same?

Is it just a sea of white noise because you have seen so much of the same thing for weeks on end?

For me, the answer is white noise.

What are the benefits of being yourself on social media?

The social media accounts I remember, actively engage with, and feel happy to see content from (yes, I actually smile when I see their posts and gladly devour their posts) are the ones that have a unique and clear personality.

🌻 The ones that allow me to make a meaningful connection with them.

🌻 The ones that let me in on a human level.

🌻 The ones that gift me precious insights into who the people are behind the business.

🌻 The quirky ones.

🌻 The original ones.

🌻 The deliciously different ones.

🌻 The ones who aren’t trying to be someone else.

🌻 Those human ones.

Those are the accounts that resonate and those are the accounts of real and relatable people, not identikit bots or massive corporations.

Not only will being yourself on social media help you to grow an active and engaged audience but it will also be beneficial to your own mental health. This study by Scientific American found that people who post authentically show a more positive mood than those who don’t.

How to be yourself on social media.

We all know that people buy from people. Be a person. Let your clients see that you are just like them, let them get to know your personality, build relationships with them, give them value, make them see you as the go to person for your niche.

Think of it like online dating. You are not going to run off and marry the first person who swipes right on Tinder. You are going to take your time to get to know them and for them to get to know you. You’ll build a relationship before committing. Your social media presence is the same, build a relationship and in time they will commit.

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