The Benefits of Posting Regularly on Social Media

Let’s start with a little reassurance. Posting regularly and consistently on your social media pages is hard. It can feel tedious, overwhelming, and a bit disheartening if some of your posts don’t get the interaction you thought they would. Please, please don’t let this stop you from getting yourself and your business out there on … Read more

Being Yourself on Social Media – Why is it so Hard?

Do you worry that you aren’t posting content that looks like that of other businesses? Feeling like you must fit what is ‘on trend’ or seems to be doing well on social media? Put the blinkers on and focus on who you are and what you are doing instead of what everyone else is doing. … Read more

Take Control of Your Social Media – Make it a Nicer Place to Visit!

Making your social media news feed a less stressful, quieter and more positive place to be will ensure that being there to work on your business social media is a much easier experience ????

Staying Visible on Social Media – How to Keep Growing

Two ladies working on their laptops, planning facebook posts

When I say keep growing I mean not only your business, but keep growing yourself too. Grow your skills, grow your knowledge, grow your confidence, grow your connections, grow your support network, grow your audience, grow your motivation, and grow your content bank. All of these come together to grow your business and you can do them all using social media!