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What is Social Media Kindness Day?


I’m sure you’ve all heard of #bekind and have seen countless comments on social media urging others to ‘be kind’ but did you know that 9th November is Social Media Kindness Day? Social Media Kindness Day aims to be a movement and a force for good. All they ask is that we all do our bit to make social media a positive place to be. All too often it is easy to make comments that would never be said to someone’s face because of the anonymity of being behind the screen. The idea behind Social Media Kindness Day is to encourage people to do their bit to put a stop to negativity. This is as simple as pointing out unkindness without being unkind yourself and then checking in with the person who was the target to make sure they are ok.


Why November 9th?


There is a special significance behind the date that was chosen as Social Media Kindness Day, it is Caroline Flack’s birthday. Caroline Flack had suffered with mental health issues for much of her adult life and had attempted suicide and self-harm on previous occasions. In February 2020, she took her own life following the news that she would be prosecuted for allegedly assaulting her then-boyfriend and the subsequent press harassment and online trolling despite the fact that her alleged victim did not support the prosecution.

On the first anniversary of her death, an artist painted a mural of her with the accompanying quote “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”, originally by author Jennifer Dukes Lee but requoted by Caroline Flack herself. This phrase has become a mantra for the Social Media Kindness Day movement.


How Can You Show Kindness on social media?


“We can’t save the lives of those already taken through the unkindness experienced on social media. But we can all help in stopping, even more, being taken. We all have a responsibility to do this. If we are on social media, then we all have a part to play in making sure it’s a kind and safe space. We have to lead by example for the next generation of users, so they don’t expect trolling to be a part of being on social media.” – Myah Riaz, Social Media Kindness Day Founder


You can do your bit in several ways:

  1. Posting a photo of yourself doing the love sign 🤟 with the hashtag #socialmediakindnessday and tagging some friends to join in
  2. Making a pledge to be kind online
  3. Kindly point out negative behaviour online. You can do this by posting a Social Media Kindness Day meme
  4. Check up on the person who has been on the receiving end of the unkindness to make sure they are ok and let them know that they are not alone. Social Media Kindness Day also has memes for this.
  5. Add Make a Pledge banners to your website and social media channels to encourage your audience to do the same.


What are Magic Bean Media doing for Social Media Kindness Day?


Here at Magic Bean Media HQ, we are huge supporters of Social Media Kindness Day. Just like last year, the whole team will be posting our selfies with the hashtags #socialmediakindnessday and #bekind and tagging our friends and audience to do the same. We are also letting all our clients know about the event so that they can do the same and ask their staff and audience to get involved too.

We are making our pledges and again are asking our clients to make theirs.


Fortunately, a change does seem to be starting, Facebook has recently announced three new policies to protect public figures and the Premier League are taking action against racism.

If we all do our bit to help spread the message of “In a world where you can be anything, be kind” then one day trolling will be a thing of the past.



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